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                How to make silicone molds

                Abstract:silicone molds are the quick way to make molds.the process as follows:prepare original product,make frame and fixed it.then weighing and stir the silicone and catalyst.next pouring the silicone to every parts of mold after de-air by vacuum machine. Finally, remove the frame after silicone was cured completely,and trimming the mold.

                Tools and materials:silicone and catalyst,plastic board,electronic scale,caps,sellotape,glass bar,releasing agent,scissor,knife,Hot melt glue guns and Spatter.

                • 1dispose the original productdispose the original product

                  ①deburred of the original product by knife,Be careful not to damage the surface and parts.

                  ②spray the releasing agent on original product,Pay attention to the deep hole or narrow slot.

                • 2make framemake frame

                  ①Stick the frame by hot melt glue guns,to prevent the silicone outflow from the gap.

                  ②To increase about 20-40mm according to the size of original product ,so that better for pour the silicone.

                • 3weighing silicone and catalystweighing silicone and catalyst

                  ①weighing the part A and part B according to the ratio that supplied by the factory.

                  ②2.Please be sure that mixing by weight ,not volume.

                • 4Mixing and stirringMixing and stirring

                  ①mix the silicone and catalyst according to the weight.

                  ②2.Be sure to Stir evenly,otherwise,will effect the time of duplication.

                • 5de-air by vacuum machinede-air by vacuum machine

                  ①de-air by vacuum machine after stir evenly.

                  ②The time about 10mins,because too long time will produce cross linking curing reaction.

                • 6Pour the silicone to framePour the silicone to frame

                  ①pour the silicone after de-air.

                  ②Pour the silicone over the original products,and pour more silicone about 20-50mm on the top of original products.

                • 7Waiting for curingWaiting for curing

                  ①put the frame away ,and waiting for curing.

                  ②The optimal temperature of curing about 20-30℃.

                • 8Trimming the moldsTrimming the molds

                  ①find the remarks and cut open the molds after curing.

                  ②In order to prevent silicone molds will deformation,Please ensure that de-mould without affect by outside force .


                • Complete the operation

                  ①all progress of make molds are complete after trimming.

                  ②Suggestion:please use the silicone mold after 24hrs,to prevent deformation.

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